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zaterdag 11 september 2010

7th update (11 sept)

So, I gather from Lionne (his aunt) that mr siberia is doing well. Apparently he has reclaimed his outdoor rhythm and has caught 6 rainbow trouts and was even presented some potatoes and sweets by a few Russians he met recently. I never knew they make wodka out of potatoes. I dont know about you, but by now I cannot image how the world looks out there. Without any pictures its just hard to picture.

As you see on the charts below he has peddled downriver. This was not as easy going as we would think but a lot of miles have been covered. When you read his plans ( his original trip always involved the town Taksimo. So that is where Yuri is heading for now. Either by train or by catching a ride with someone: he (and fate) will just think of something won't they. I have pointed out the town of Taksimo on the map below, (taksimo being point a, his current location point b). From Taksimo he can embark the rivers Muya and the Vitim (which ends in the mighty River Lena).

Grotere kaart weergeven

where the rivers flow

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